Class Cash App

Transforming Recruitment on College Campuses

Fill your recruitment pipeline with qualified talent through dynamic peer-to-peer marketing on college campuses across the nation.

Place Your Employer Brand on Students' Laptops

Using the Class Cash mobile app, students earn money when their laptops are open and your brand is exposed in geofence zones on campus. 

Create a physical presence year-round in major-specific buildings including:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing 

Fill Your Recruitment Pipeline

The Class Cash mobile app incentives students to collect QR code scans from specific types of students like business or engineering majors. When a student scans the QR code, Class Cash collects their data and provides your TA team a list of warm leads. 

The QR code can direct students to custom-built landing pages including: 

  • Talent network page 
  • Careers page 
  • Signup pages for virtual sessions
  • Surveys

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We help businesses of all different types and sizes create meaningful connections with college students across the nation. Partner with us today and start building relationships for tomorrow.

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If you are intersted in creating a physical presence in college classrooms year-round and filling your recruitment pipeline with qualified talent, please submit the contact page. A Class Cash representative will contact you to setup a meeting!

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