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Join the Class Cash Student Influencer Network™, connect with sponsors and get paid to go to class!

How it Works

1. Match with a company who wants to sponsor you. 

2. Place a sticker with your sponsor’s logo on your personal laptop.

3. Earn money every minute your laptop is open and your sponsor’s logo is exposed in classrooms, student centers and libraries  

4. Earn additional money by posting about your sponsor on social media. 

Join our diverse network of Student Influencers on college campuses across the nation! (Waitlist below) 

Class Cash Mobile App

Join the Class Cash waitlist, match with a company and we will send your laptop sticker/log in credentials for the mobile app.

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How it Works

All you need is your laptop, the Class Cash App on your smartphone, and a Class Cash Sticker. 

Watch Instructional Video

A Snapshot of our Student Influencer Network:

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Fill out and submit the form to join the Class Cash Student Influencer Network™. A Class Cash rep will review your information and reach out to you via text when you match with a sponsor. 

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